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Soy Rick … Adventurous World Traveler!

Welcome to Planetgadabout, a unique blog here for you to explore! Planetgadabout is full of wonder, enthusiasm & curiosity for travel … it endeavors to shed some light and learn about some of the more obscure places around the world I’ve visited: from Montenegro to  Morocco, Andalucía in Spain to Victoria Falls in Zambia, I’ll describe for you my first-hand personal experiences from all around the world. 

I have been privileged to have visited 🌍 172 countries around the world, and counting … sometimes I get sad I was never fortunate enough to have children in this life; but in a way, my children are the countries I’ve visited during my travels! Each and every country I have visited is like one of my kids: treasured, much-loved, and always hopeful about its future. I am honored to have this opportunity to share my passion for travel with all of you, loyal readers. 

So read on, and Enjoy! And let’s start traveling together… to learn where the photo here was taken: read on muchachos!


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