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Andalusia, Spain: Flamenco 💃🏻

The tapping of heels on the floor, matched by rapid rhythms of clapping, and a deep female lulling voice … up and down, lamenting a lost love, or hoping for home: this is flamenco!

A style of song & dance from southern Spain that is like a kaleidoscope of sights & sounds that is wrapped-up together with Gypsy melodies and stamped with a seal that says ‘traditional Spain’.

I love Andalusian Spain, moorish Spain. A part of the Iberian Peninsula which was controlled by the Muslims for over 500 years, before being restored to Christianity by Queen Isabella right before Columbus set-off on his voyages of plunder to the ‘New’ World.

The architecture of Andalusia: churches converted into mosques, traditional hammams turned into tourist spas, and especially flamenco - this is what I love about Spain, the ‘other ’ Spain : different & very unique!

I have been fortunate enough to have visited many, many Muslim countries, - I love Islamic culture, history & architecture; and this part of Spain has a very moorish ‘stamp’ on it!

FLAMENCO epitomizes this part of Spain for me (it is said to have come from the Gitano‘s influence - all the way from India, and more recently from moorish North Africa).

Strolling in the Maria Luisa gardens in Andalusia, Seville, I happen to randomly come across a group of Flamenco 💃🏻 street performers practicing this beautiful song & dance. People flocking all around them, myself included - loosing all sense of time as I get swept away by its hypnotizing rhythms & honey-sweet melodies: leaving an after taste of satisfaction that I could still taste after walking all the way back to my hotel.

Flamenco! THIS is moorish Spain 🇪🇸

Though my words don’t do it justice, you really need to see this & experience it to savor it.

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Hi!! This video is full of color. Is the way you narrate that makes it very interesting. The beauty of this towns is incredible. Thank you for taking us to these beautiful adventures. Love you !!


Ricardo Tablada
Ricardo Tablada
Oct 03, 2021

Otro éxito con esa descripción del sur de España…Valencia, Andalusia…con ese sabor morisco e influencia musulmana…Ole‼️

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