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As I am traveling from Australia to Malaysia 🇲🇾

like a river always flowing ever changing…

I am resting the first class lounge in an airport in Australia, awaiting my upcoming 10hour flight to KL, Malaysia … I sit down and start lightly pressing the sleek keys on baby grand piano there. Playing one of my favourite songs - the ‘theme from the Notebook’.

People all around me, I could care less - I never have, as tears start coming out of my eyes while remembering moments and feelings from my past (memories of me and  my cousin growing up back home).

As I get up from the piano - through the corner my eye, I notice a little kid starring at me from the back (a kid that looks just like my little cousin when we were young).

Subconsciously he must have triggered those memories, the song I played, the tears rolling down my face…

Para mi Primo:

Always having my back, watching over me ever vigilant of others … but what fun we had those years growing-up and sharing like brothers around the suburbs del DF.

Two kids: One blonde, one Not (with piercing eyes they say) … feelings never fade from our minds, MEMORIES never vanish from our hearts:

Playing Atari together, going on walks with all the primos, camping together and making ‘sloppy Joe’  - then making it back home after we got back from camping lol - here’s the recipe as I remember it:

(Mix mince meat with potatoes and carrots 🥕 add ketchup and wrap tin-foil all around it) / then plop it in the oven to bake. YUM and I t was hella sloppy - true!

Heading to the racquet club together and hanging with the dads; the moms were difficult sometimes to be honest(on BOTH sides) - but us kids couldn’t care less and always found ways to do have fun, get in trouble sometimes, and just be kids…

I can still feel my heart shaking in terror as the two little kids we were sat down at a cinema to watch Poltergeist - the scariest movie I had seen up until then.  Such horror for two little kids bro; I can still remember my hands hurting from clutching so hard … fun fear.

VisitING each other as the teenage years progressed - in different parts of our beautiful USA 🇺🇸 But things drift apart …

Different lives, different universes - but his kindness & caring are always in my heart.

Or maybe it’s just the jet lag & all the fuckin’ drinks I’ve had here - that’s why I’m so sentimental lol … like a river always flowing, ever changing: Family is forever...

Cheers CUZ 🍻 gracias ☺

☝🏻Adios Queenstown, hello KL! (Kuala lumpur) 🇲🇾

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