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bella 🇧🇴 Bolivia!

Updated: Nov 18

Embracing Adventure: A Thrilling Journey Through Bolivia

… otra vez en Bolivia chicos, la primera vez tan linda me cayó esta capital (más parecida a Asia, a Kathmandu que en su misma

Sud América: por cómo se ven las gentes de parecer (ojitos rajados);  cultura colorida y bailes con máscaras que asustan; y comida súper picante y variada)! How I love this country guys (to me it will always be the birthplace of past loves: Billy’to) surrounded by many layers of colors & flavours - it’s a country that was brought over from the Himalayan (similar mountains) and dropped unto the Andes mountains - ‘plop’!

Here we go again…

Bolivia, a landlocked gem in the heart of South America, beckons travelers with promises of adventure and the unknown. With its stunning landscapes, unique culture, and a sense of the undiscovered, Bolivia is an adventurer's paradise. In this travel log, we'll take you on a thrilling journey through this diverse nation, where we'll explore the rugged terrains, meet its warm-hearted people, and uncover the essence of adventure travel in Bolivia today.

Day 1: La Paz - The World's Highest Capital

Our adventure begins in La Paz, the world's highest capital city, nestled in a deep valley surrounded by snow-capped peaks. The city's bustling markets and chaotic traffic provide a vivid introduction to Bolivian life. But our sights are set on the mountains.

We set out to conquer the heights of the Huayna Potosí, a majestic peak in the Andes. The journey begins with a drive to the village of Huayna Potosí, where we meet our guides and prepare for the climb. The thinning air challenges our lungs, but the promise of a dramatic summit view keeps us pushing forward.

Day 2: Ascending Huayna Potosí

Today is all about the ascent. As we inch our way up the mountain, the scenery transforms from arid landscapes lol to glacier-clad summits. The sunsets are unlike any other, with the sky painted in hues of pink and orange.

We reach base camp and rest, knowing that tomorrow, we'll face the most challenging part of the climb. The camaraderie among our group members and the warmth of our Bolivian guides keep spirits high.

Day 3: Conquering Huayna Potosí

Our final push to the summit is grueling, but the view from the top is a reward like no other. We stand at an elevation of over 6,000 meters, with awe-inspiring vistas of the Andes and the sprawling Altiplano below. The sense of accomplishment is indescribable.

Day 4: Uyuni - The Salt Flats

After descending Huayna Potosí, we journey to Uyuni, a small town that serves as the gateway to the world's largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni. Our mode of transport is unique: 4x4 vehicles. We traverse endless expanses of salt, where the horizon melts into the sky. Our guide teaches us the art of perspective photography, creating whimsical illusions on the blinding white canvas.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the salt flat turns into a vast mirror, reflecting the sky in a surreal, almost dreamlike manner. We camp under a blanket of stars, far from the lights of civilization.

Day 5: Island of Incahuasi

We venture to the cactus-covered island of Incahuasi rising from the salt flat. Hiking to the island's summit, we're rewarded with panoramic views. We explore its ancient coral formations and the prickly giants that inhabit it.

In the afternoon, we visit the nearby town of Colchani, where we witness the process of salt extraction and visit the Salt Museum. Our adventure in the salt flats concludes with a magical sunset.

Day 6: Potosí - A Journey Underground

Our next destination is the historic city of Potosí, where we visit the Cerro Rico, a mountain with a storied history of silver mining. A tour of the mines takes us deep underground, where miners work in conditions unchanged for centuries.

We're humbled by the harsh realities faced by these miners and the value of the resources that once fueled empires. This experience brings a profound appreciation for the resilience of the Bolivian people.

Day 7: Sucre - The White City

Sucre, known as the White City, is our next stop. Its well-preserved colonial architecture is a UNESCO World Heritage site, offering a charming contrast to the rugged landscapes we've been exploring. We stroll through the city's cobblestone streets, admiring its whitewashed buildings and vibrant markets.

Day 8: Tarabuco Market

A short drive from Sucre, we visit Tarabuco, a small town renowned for its Sunday market. This authentic indigenous market showcases intricate weavings, traditional clothing, and local crafts. It's an excellent place to engage with the indigenous Quechua people and immerse in their vibrant culture.

Day 9: Rurrenabaque - The Gateway to the Amazon

Leaving the highlands behind, we fly to Rurrenabaque, the gateway to Bolivia's portion of the Amazon Rainforest. Our adventure takes a dramatic turn as we embark on a riverboat journey down the Beni River to the Madidi National Park.

Day 10-12: Amazon Rainforest Exploration

Our days in the Amazon are filled with exciting activities. We hike through lush rainforests, seeking out unique wildlife like macaws, capuchin monkeys, and pink river dolphins. Our local guides share their deep knowledge of the forest's flora and fauna, turning each trek into an educational experience.

One highlight is a night jungle walk, where the symphony of the rainforest comes to life with the sounds of insects, frogs, and night birds. We also experience traditional indigenous rituals and learn about the sustainable practices of the local communities.

Day 13: Return to La Paz

Our return to La Paz marks the end of our Bolivian adventure. As we reflect on our journey, we're left with a profound appreciation for Bolivia's stunning natural beauty, its rich cultural heritage, and the warmth of its people.

Bolivia offers an unparalleled adventure, from conquering towering peaks to immersing oneself in the heart of the Amazon. This journey takes us through landscapes as diverse as the culture and history that defines this unique nation. While the adventure ends, the memories, and the spirit of exploration live on, encouraging us to continue seeking the unknown and embracing life's grandest adventures.

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